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    Nicole Gould - Owner, Manager

    Coaching Experience: Nicole is the founder and manager of Apex Athletics based out of Johnston, Iowa. Nicole has a long-standing interest in All-star cheerleading having been a coach for over ten years. Outside of the All-Star competition spectrum Nicole has also coached the local Des Moines Drake University cheer squad for 2 years. Nicole has worked with the local Johnston High School state competition squad. This year she is the 8th Grade Johnston Middle School Football Cheerleading coach.  Throughout her ten years of coaching Nicole has had the opportunity to work many camps and clinics statewide working with teaching kids ages 3-18 the fundamentals of cheerleading. Similarly Nicole has also had the chance to judge several regional competitions. 

    Awards and Recognitions: Over the years Nicole has acted as head coach to many teams who were able to capture the tile of Regional and National Championships, to include UCA Nationals Champions in 2005 and 2010.

    Coaching Credentials: Nicole is currently AACCA Certified and USASF Certified through level 5. This certification signifies proficiency in stunting, tumbling and toss safety and technique. Nicole also holds certification in USA Gymnastics PDP Level 1. Nicole is also CPR and AED certified. 

    Favorite Part of Coaching: Nicole’s favorite part of coaching is her ability to help an athlete reach their goals both inside and outside the gym!

    Favorite Quotes: “Champions are made at practice”

    Hobbies outside the gym: Outside the gym Nicole enjoys spending time with her daughter Charlotte and with her family.  

    Contact information: 


    Laura Sondag -All Star Program Director

    Coaching Experience: Acting as not only head coach to various teams within the gym, Laura acts also as Apex Athletics All-Star Program Director. As program director Laura overseas all aspects of the competitive teams and program within the gym to include coordination and planning of events. With seven years of experience coaching All-Star teams, Laura is familiar with the All-Start industry and brings a competitive edge to Apex Athletics. Laura works with all age and skill levels and enjoys the opportunity to see so many kids on a daily basis!

    Awards and Recognitions: Laura has coached many youth teams to multiple Regional and National Championships, including 2011 COA National Champions. Most recently Laura led a restricted Level 5 team to be 2013 U.S Finals National Champions.

    Coaching Credentials: Laura is currently AACCA Certified and USASF Certified through level 5 in stunting, tumbling and tosses. Additionally, Laura is certified in Gymnastics PDP Level 1. Laura is also CPR and AED certified.

    Favorite Part of Coaching: Laura enjoys getting to know the individuals at Apex Athletics, not just the athletes!

    Favorite Quote: “I know the price of success: dedication, hard work and unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen.” –Frank Lloyd Wright

    Hobbies outside the gym: Outside the gym Laura keeps busy as an architect with a local firm within the Downtown area of Des Moines.

    Contact Information:


    Bryanne Hensley

    Coaching Experience: Bryanne got her start in cheerleading in high school cheering all four years! Bryanne has since then coached All-Star cheerleading for over a year working with mainly with children ages 3-5. Bryanne has also taught and helped with various cheerleading skills classes with students ranging in age from 3 to 18. Though she is mainly working in the All-star cheerleading world now, Bryanne started out as a dancer and danced for a total of 15 years at a local dance studio accompanied by two years of dancing at Central College. Since then Bryanne has worked teaching dance for two years to students ages 3-18 while also coaching a high school dance team. Bryanne also takes interest in instructing various dance camps and clinics for all ages and has even choreographed pom and hip-hop routines for dance teams within the state.

    Awards and Recognition: In high school Bryanne was voted the captain of her cheer team and had the honor of being named and All-American Cheerleader.

    Coaching Credentials: Bryanne is currently USASF certified in levels 1-2 showing knowledge and proficiency in stunting, tumbling and tosses. Bryanne is also CPR and AED Certified.

    Favorite Part of Coaching: Bryanne enjoys the excitement she sees in athletes as they accomplish a new skill or perform their best

    Favorite Quote: “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible.” – Audrey Hepburn

    Hobbies outside the gym: Outside the gym Bryanne spends much of her time working at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Ankeny as she is their full-time Minister for Children. Through this position Bryanne gets to work with families of the church and children ages birth to 5th grade. Bryanne also enjoys spending time with her big family whenever possible, especially time away at her families cabin. Spending time with friends, dancing and coloring are other things that Bryanne looks forward to in her free time.

    Contact Information:


    Morgan Petersen--Recreational Cheer Director and Coach of Feisty, Chaos and Vengeance

    Coaching Experience: Morgan is a new face at APEX this year, starting her journey with us in March of 2016.  She has been involved with cheerleading for almost 10 years.  Starting with high school cheer in Creston and on to Grandview college teams.  Morgan has loved the transition from being on the team to coach the team.  

    Awards and Recognitions: Morgan was the captian of her high school and Grandview college teams.  She looks forward to bring home several tiles with APEX this year.

    Coaching Credentials: Morgan is currently USASF certified. 

    Favorite Part of Coaching: Morgan's favorite part of coaching is being able to influence athletes in postitive ways and to be a mentor and get the chance to make a difference in their lives. 

    Favorite Quotes: “No Body puts Baby in the Corner”

    Hobbies outside the gym: Outside the gym Morgan loves to workout at the gym and spending time with  family and friends.  

    Contact information: 



    Tera Watson - Receptionist

    Work Experience: Tera is an important member to the Apex family as she is our evening and weekend receptionist. Tera works to answer or find answers to all of the parents’ questions about our program and happenings in the gym. Tera aids in providing tours and information to those interested in the gym as well! Tera does a great job of making all feel welcome and a part of the Apex Family from the second they walk in the door!

    Awards and Recognition: If there were an award for an energetic receptionist, Tera would definitely have won it time and time again. Most recently Tera was recognized at a local competition as an outstanding and supportive “Gym-Mom”!

    Favorite Part of Front Desk: Tera enjoys having the advantage of getting to know every student that comes in the door!

    Favorite Quote: “Dance like no one is watching.”

    Hobbies outside the gym: When she is not at the front desk Tera can be found spending time with her husband and three daughters.

    Contact Information:

    Lucy Suvalsky – Billing, IClass Pro Manager and Travel

    Work Experience: Lucy has worked with adults and children of all ages, in all types of situations. Lucy’s work experience includes; information management, customer service, coaching, collegiate official, children and family services, education and most importantly a full-time mom! Lucy is a valuable asset to Apex Athletics as she handles much of the behind the scenes work for not only day-to-day operations but for competitions as well. Through her coordination with multiple venues to include transit and lodging, Lucy creates a solid platform for coaching staff to work off of!

    Favorite Part of Working at Apex: Lucy enjoys the ability to be involved in a children’s fitness environment that is so family oriented!  

    Favorite Quote: “Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from doing what you can do.” – John Wooden

    Hobbies outside the Gym: Outside the gym Lucy loves being a mom to her three children Becca, Max, and Zack. Lucy also enjoys spending time and sharing fun times with her husband Steve!

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